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BARETTO serves a menu of fresh and simplified food options which pair easily with our unique and quality wine & cocktail offerings. Enjoy the casual Italian essence whether it be for our daily happy hour, or a special private event, right here at our neighborhood gathering place.

In Austin, we value three things above all else; great service, great friends, and a great atmosphere.  Baretto is that special place where friends, family and coworkers will meet after the long day at work, for l'aperitivo.  Italy refers to that place as il baretto, or il mio baretto.  It's a familiar place where everybody knows each other and there's an easy feeling of returning home.

At Baretto you enter a place where your friends say "hello" and invite you to come in to share the feeling of cameratismo or companionship that all Austinites know and appreciate.

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Mon-Sun 4pm-12am